Hi All,

I have been facing this issue for a while now.
We have a site and it has the a few JSPs for the *view* part.

In it, if the screem resolution of the monitor is reduced below 1280 x 600. i.e. if the display resolution is set to one of the following,
1) 1152 x 864
2) 1024 x 768
3) 800 x 600

some text is clipped. Please see the images for the clipped (clipped.jpg) and the correct (correct.jpg).

Can someone please suggest some solution on this?

Thanks in advance!!

A JSP in itself is definately not causing this. This has to do with the produced HTML, and the JSP, obviously, can only produce the HTML that you tell it to. This looks as though you have given the portion at the top of the page (probably a div tag with CSS, or a frame/iframe with a disabled scrollbar) a hard-coded height value that is simply too small to display the text. That, once again, has nothing to do with JSP and everything to do with your HTML design.

Hey thanks a bunch masijade !!

I'll review the HTML and see what i can do to fix it.

Thanks again!!