Does anyone know a site where I could find a javascript horizontal menu with menu items able to appear over frames?



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Since you asked for a "site", I suggest doing a web search for "suckerfish dropdowns".

I just tried an example of suckerfish and the menus dont appear over frames at all.

Are these frames or iframes? Does it matter? Code up a page/frameset for me to look at, and I'll see what I can do.

they are frames

I've attached an example so you can see...

the dropdown in the top frame goes under the bottom frame when the cursor hovers over the menu

I see, the frame holding the menu is too small. No, you can't change this behavior, because the menu content is part of the frame's document.

If I found myself with this problem, I would find a way to do away with frames. For example, I would explore using <div> tags to segment the content sections.

If you control the content of both frames, you can do something a bit clever: have the rollover elelemnts in the top frame, but have the menu's themselves in the bottom frame. The rollover code can access elements in the second frame, so that's not a problem.

The frames of the application must stay.
I cannot make parts of the menu appear in the other frame either for the reason that on my actual page there are 3 columns under the space where the menu is and there is something right under the menu in the same frame. There would be a gap between the menu and the dropdowns.

You're fighting the very nature of "frames". They are meant to frame content. You're trying to make content break outside of the frame. You can't do that.

The only thing I can think of as a work-around is to use small, popup windows for your menus.

If I could do what I want, I would probably not work with frames at all or find something else to do. Unfortunately it's not my application. If I find anything i'll post it here.

thx for trying to help

I think I will stop looking for a solution cuz it seems like there are no workaround apart from the pop ups you said, but I don't think I'll do that.

Look up something called "chromeless windows." Granted You would have to popup a window, and position it.... but the window would be borderless, titlebarless, everything less....chromeless windows have no window frame or anything. I had chromeless.js somewhere, but I can't seem to find it...but a good search of google will load plenty of options for the chromeless window option. I had the same problem with a site once, and even though IT IS a popup window, it doesn't look (or act) anything like one. It solved my situation. You might want to give that a shot.

But the awful news that I just found out (This is a post edit), is that IT DOES NOT WORK in Firefox. It may only be IE complient :(

Yep, you're probably thinking of IE's "modal dialogs".

Do the menus have to be dropDOWN? Can they be arranged horizontally instead of vertically:

| Menu | Menu |
MenuItem MenuItem MenuItem

It is an application so the browser's tollbars are removed, so is the menu. I have to rebuild a menu similar to any applications menu (File, edit, ...). So, yes they have to be dropdown style.

Take a look here :
I did i menu over frames with layers, but it doesnt work with Safari on Mac. is the web site.

Dont need any anymore. BTW if I click in your side menu frame and drag to the right, it will move. ;)

Thank you for your comment!
I havnt seen that

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