I'm new to PHP, though I am learning VB.net, and have a working knowledge on various programming... awhile back I had someone create an MP3 delivery and paypal payment system for my music website, to sell my own songs; this person deleted the install.php afterwards, which is good for my site's security, but I was going to use this same setup to help others create online music catalogue sites... I can't reach the original creator. So I will need to create a new install.php (I think). Any ideas on how to approach this? I've searched all over and can't find a specific reference. Thanks!

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Wow. Well, you'll need to know all the details about how your system is setup, like the database layout, and if files need to be modified during the install.

Normally the installation (install.php) file will just run some database commands; you could try exporting your current database (without the data - just try keeping the layout) to see if that works, and then giving that to other people to insert into their databases.

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