I have been developing a website. I need to hide the page extension of the pages while user is browsing my site.

for example:
Home.aspx should be displayed as Home only.

How can i do this.

Please help

Handlers or module may help you.

You can use URL rewriting, but it is much better, in my opinion, to use folders with default.aspx page inside. Instead Home.aspx, use Home/Default.aspx.

Hi ManicCW

I already trid that. I created a folder named home and inside this folder i created Default.aspx and worte all the contents of Home.aspx in Default.aspx.

I tried to access the folder as follows:


but i get error not page.

generic handlers could be the solution or kameshwari also right...

it depends on your application what it does...if it is about loading the binary data then handler is the option else

kameshwari is your correct option...

hope it helps !