First question in a long time.

I was wondering if anyone know how to search all current sessions within the website?

I want to be able to loop through all the current sessions (with a specific session name if possible) on my current website at one time.

I am trying to create a script that will search all current sessions to login/logout via the database depending on the value of the session.

Basically, most of you have realized that relying on "Session_End" in the global.asax file is not very easy as most Session_Ends never fire. Session_Start almost always fires, but Session_End isn't as lucky.

I will be creating a script that runs through all current sessions to get certain information relative to a specific need.

So if you know how or can guide me in the right direction of searching all current sessions with a given name (let's say Session("userid")) within the current website, then please help.

Thank you.

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