Hi All

i m reading Xml file attchment in email using pop3. but i m getting extra char in xml after xml read.

<FinalDraft DocumentType=3D=22Script=22 Template=3D=22No=22 Version=3D=221=22>

    <Paragraph Type=3D=22Shot=22>
      <Text>=E2=80=9Clighting is everything=E2=80=9D</T=

</FinalDraft >

like -- =22 and 3D <T=ext>

pls help me and give me the code of reading xml



Will you please attach an xml document with next post?

It looks like your closing tag is formed improperly:

<Text>=E2=80=9Clighting is everything=E2=80=9D</T=ext>


i have attchment with mail fdx file proper xml format but i read the xml
not proper.

i m sending both xml format.


Where did you attach it? Please upload it to this thread and do not message me when you post an update here. Daniweb sends me an email informing me that you replied so I will check back on the thread.

i already attchment mail to daniweb.

pls check