hello experts,
i am developing a site which includes playing video..

In the index page one default video should be played. i bound all the categories in the dropdown control..
when i change the category in dropdown it lists all the videos in that category. it works fine..

But the problem is when i changed the category, the page is refreshed and the default video is restarted(ie it plays from the beginning again) i want to play the video continuously even i change the category in drop down .. pls help. i need solution immediately..

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can u tel me what ajax control to use to refresh part of the page or not to refresh the video player?


Use ajax and refresh the part of page not the whole page

can u tel me which ajax to use to refresh part of the page


hi can u post your media player code so that i will try with ajax...here??

I am using a Datalist..

i put datalist inside update panel..
but it not works fine.the video again restarts when the page is refreshed.

here is the code:

<asp:DataList ID="dlImages" runat="server" RepeatColumns="1" RepeatDirection="Horizontal" Width="100%">
               <ItemStyle BorderWidth="0px" />
                    <table id="tbl_Video" runat="server">
                    <embed src="player.swf"  id="videoPlayer" allowfullscreen="true" 
                    flashvars="flv=<%# Eval("Video_Uploader") %>"
 type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="409"

hi can u post your media player code so that i will try with ajax...here??

this is my clear description of my problem

I have one page which is placed in the Master Page.

In the master page i have 1 dropdown and one GridView, dropdown is display the category , based on the dropdown list selection it will display the list of videos in the Grid.

In the content page i have the video player, in the page load it will play the video by default.

But when i choose the drop down list which is available in the master page, the page is refreshing, SO the video is start play from the first.

The content page should not refresh, So the video will continuously play.

So please advice how to stop the page referesh in the content page. please help me its urgent.

Thanks in Advance

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