how can i don't allow that the picture load again i mean when i refresh my page it loads picture again how can i solve this problem that the upper part of the page will refresh the down part not. I wrote this but it doesn't work on chrome and explorer but works on firefox

<div id="logo"><img src="car.jpg" alt="" /></div>

I don't think you can. The user and their browser can reload whatever they want, its not really in your control. If you caused the page refresh maybe, :D

i think that i didn't explain the problem correctly. all the what i want is just it (sorry for my english :) ) : if you search in youtube you can see that the search part is static and i just want to do it . never refresh if the user search or do anything


There are essentially two techniques (with thousands of variations) for loading/reloading part of a "page":

  1. Frameset/iFrame
  2. AJAX

Full descriptions are beyond the scope of a Danweb answer. Try googling these terms with the word "tutorial". You should get loads of results.