I use to pass data between *.java and *.jsp, since this is a MVC framework, it will go by the *.java first. so i used request.getSession().setAttribute("test", "01010101010") to save the value, and then in *.jsp, use request.getSession().getAttribute("test") to get value.
But it returns a strange string "682342348" all the time.
what's UP?????

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The problem might be that there is 11 digits in you value. Regular integer values only takes 10, so you might get a memory loop or whatever it is called where the value gets to high, so it starts at the bottom and works it was up from -2,147,483,648, or the other way since you got a "0" in front. This usually refers to a negative value in machine code.


I've just tried this locally and I get the correct object from the session, so have to agree with peter_budo and request you post the code that you are deploying.


> The problem might be that there is 11 digits in you value

That shouldn't be a problem since he is storing a string.

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