Hello all,

I've submitted something similar in the asp.net forum so if you frequent both you'll see it in both places.

I'm curious if javascript or ajax can help us accomplish some of our tasks, here is the post in the other thread:

Hello all,

I'm a bit newer and looking for some direction. We would like to create a new website and have that do some dynamic things based on login id. First all we would like to send you do a different home page based on this information, it might be one of several companies. This may also be tied to what URL you clicked but not necessarily. The second thing we would like to do is display only the products that you are eligible for based on your login information. We would like to use images as a link here and if you can sell one product you get one image or maybe bypass and go directly to that section, but if you can sell two or more then those images as links show up as available. The final thing we want to do is to populate the top 3 or so items you perform on the site as quick links.

After all that, are there tools or items I should study to help us accomplish this task? I'm not sure if I need to mix in some sort of third party analytical tool with the asp.net site or what.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated, even if it's only "hey check out X it might help you with some of your work"

(I know I know, what we need is a real web developer who has experience. Aside from that though lol)

* The only other thing that I think we can do with ajax is have them say enter a a vehicle identification number and without looking like a screen reload use ajax to show the additional information such as year make and model that are decoded from the vin, but I'm just starting to look into this.

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Hi rapture,

All things can be simulated under the used of a client-side-scripting, like JavaScript. But not as efficient of what PHP can offer.

And also if you will pick javascript for this job, then this will require some tedeous work over the lines' and alot testing's for the whole programs.



Thanks for the tip, I've not done any PHP in the past but if it will help speed things up I'm all for learning it!

I'll start looking into the possibilities with this. Maybe the PHP guys have some suggestions . . .

Thanks again,



:) you can post back at us if you will be needing something that involves javascript...

Good day...

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