Hi experts, I have finished writing my servlets and web pages. all my servlets tested using tomcat in windows operating system. In other words , I have finished the development stage. Now I need to move all my servlets and web pages to web server for deployment. but my web server is Centos web server. I don't know where to put servlets and web pages (i don't know in which directory in the server)

also do I need to install java program (like JCreator )to run the servlets....

please guys tell me what to do , and where to start.

could you please help me , and thank you in advance

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You need to package your web application as WAR or EAR and deploy on Java server like Tomcat, JBoss etc. There is no need for JCreator...


Well you seem to be confused a lot, if what you are doing is for a production system for some organization I suggest you hand over the task to someone who knows what he is doing.

On the other hand if this is just some past time project you are doing to get your concepts clear in Java, then you need to learn a lot more. I will clarify a few facts for you here.

Firstly CentOS is not a web server, it is an Operating System, just like Windows XP. Apache Tomcat is a Web Server, and you need that along with a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to run your servlets/JSPs.
Here is a good tutorial on installing the Sun JRE and Tomcat on CentOS 5.

Also as far as deploying your web application is concerned, according to me the best approach would be to package it into a properly organized WAR file and then deploy using the "Tomcat Manager" web application.

Also here are some more links to help you out:-
Apache Tomcat Documentation
Apache Tomcat Download Link
CentOS 5 Documentation

Also one final note, I would not recommend using the Apache Tomcat version that comes in repositories of CentOS, as it is configured to work with gcj which is only partially compliant with the 1.4.2 version of the JRE and although getting it to work with the Sun JRE is possible, you will have to subject yourself to a lot more unnecessary pain for that.

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Good explanation.

Thank you guys you do the best , I will read the articles first then come to you if I face something

Thank you again

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