i wnat to learn how to use ajax in c# .net ..can anyone tell me is there any link to download the book from net ...plz send me the link to download plz

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i am very new for ajax..i want to learn all the what are the function are used in c# .net ..want to download the book..can anyone suggest me which book is very good to learn and also send me the link to download that particular book in net ..its very urgent pz


especially you dont need ajax, just post the whole page back to server. Before learning ajax you should learn not to post the same thing twice in one day so that we can diminish your repuation points everyday.


@sivak please stop creating multiple posts with same question in numerous forum sections. If you advised to ask the question in other forum either ask for thread to be moved to appropriate section (by clicking on Flag Bad Post and type something like "Please move this to Ajax section") or mark present discussion as solved and only after that create new thread in different section.

And for god sake start reading forum rules! Never seen anyone with 13 infractions for long time, just because person was so ignorant...


go to website called asp.net from there you can watch streaming videos or download it..

on that site many articals are kept on Ajax..

it would be a good kick start 4 u..

Tata Docomo...

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