i developed an application ie web application using asp.net 2005(C#.net) and sql server 2000. It is used to store the data in database via excel sheet. ie application contains 3 buttons . if we click on button1 ,it opens the excel sheet and we can enter the data. button 2 contains the code to store the data into database what we have entered in excel sheet. and finally button 3 contains the code to show the data in database in the grid format. my application executed in individual system when we copy the code into wwroot . but i need to run the application in LAN via ip address.
i am executing the application in one windows system (it is one of the LAN system) for example: ""
when we click on button 1 to open the excel sheet it shows the error. and button 2 shows the data which is available in database. so how to open an excel sheet when we click on button 1. remaining code will be fine. so can u tell me the solution.

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