Hi all,

I'm kinda new to all this stuff so maybe I'm totally starting off on the wrong foot here...

Here is my problem..

I have an acces database residing on the webserver from where I get some information onto my webpages, these pages are asp. The database connection and building recordset working just fine.
Second I have a js file, in this file I have some functions that display some info in a praticular way on the asp webpage. This info I have now is in a declared array 'hardcoded'. It works fine as well.

What I would like to do to is to pass on some off the info I have from the recordset into the array in the js file, this instead of having the info hardcoded in there.

//the declaration and filling of the array in the js file
var text = new Array();text[0] = "blabla";text[1] = "ouchouch";
var date = new Array();date[0] = "19-08-2005";date[1] = "19-09-2005";
var go_to = new Array();go_to[0] = "http://www.somewhere.com";go_to[1] = "http://www.anywhere.com";
var target = new Array();target[0] = "_parent";target[1] = "_parent";

If someone has any idea, pls let me know...I might be overlooking something fundamental here

thx in advance

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ow...okay ... ic

sorry to bother y'all here. I'll post my q on the other forum


You might want to ask you question in the JavaScript forum.



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