Hi friends,
I am using Visual web developer to desing ASP.Net web site. I have created a project and added few web pages and their C# code files.

in the project directory there are few files/subdirectories that I dont know about, I tried to search about them though but could get the right match.
here is the list



default.aspx.designer.cs : That is the designer file generated by the IDE. You will see a .designer.cs for every web form you have. They are required and you don't need to touch them.

webapplication2.csproject.user: this holds information for the IDE like what tabs you had open when you closed the project, etc. It just saves your settings. You can delete it but I would just leave it and ignore it.

app_data : ASP.NET web folder. Its a "best practice" to put any XML files you may have in here. You can leave it empty if you don't use it.

bin: Used by Visual Studio to output the results of compilation. Leave it alone until you publish, which will copy the contents.

obj: Also used in compilation

Properties: Default folder for assembly information for a web project. You probably could remove this and refactor the namespace but I would leave it alone.

assemblyinfo.cs: Just that, information about your assembly. Open it up. You can specify the assembly version, creator, etc.