I am new to ASP.net and I have inherited a web application.

Now I have to change the gui and hence the whole navigational flow.

I have a top banner. Then I have left side menus and then on click I want to display on the right side some page.

the way this application is written is there is a home.apx where is there is code like:

if request.querystring("action")="hm" or request.querystring("action")="hm.ac.ps" or request.querystring("action")="hm.ac" then server.execute("includes/incl_left_home.aspx")

The thing I can't understand is how it displays incl_left_home.apx on left side and home_inner.apx on the right side when I can see where this home_inner.aspx is called. The above like only calls inc"lef_home.aspx.

This is the same with other menus too like profile etc. Any suggestions. I need to find it and change such that the left side menu is invoked only once in the beginning i.e after login then want ever menu I click on the left side, the page changes on the right side..

Please help.


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Hmm. Hard to answer without seeing the code and pages. My guess, and it's just a guess, is that CSS is positioning the various elements, so digging though the code-behind pages won't help you.


Thanks very much. I checked it out. They are positioning it in CSS.
Thomas, do you know of any samples I can get from web site or books that have code for a small menu project that has one header , one footer ,one left side menus and one right side display and does not use frames.



There are quite a few examples. If you do an internet search for "CSS fluid layout template", you should find everything you need.

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