I've attempted googling this, but i'm not gearing my searches right or something cause i'm coming up with junk.

I have some php software I design that uses GD functions. One of my main users is on an extra machine that belongs to a hosting company. With my software installed on their site the GD functions keep coming back as not found.

The sites php info page shows that GD is installed with all the options. I found some info that did say if they did a makeclean before reinstalling that it could possibly fix the problem, but the owner of the machine wont do a reinstall for the site operator.

Is there something I/he can do to attempt to diagnose or even fix the problem without being able to reinstall?

The first function that failed was imageftbbox(), so I downgraded to code to imagettfbbox() and that wasn't found either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Well, i dont know how helpful this is, but once my applxn could not use the gd functions too, though the library was installed, so i read some article that told me i had to uncomment the line that included the gd library in the php.ini file. So, after uncommenting the line below, the code executed. extension=gd.so I was working on a linux machine. I think on a windows machine the same line would be extension=gd.dll Good luck.

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