i m going to make something like www.respectance.com
pic gallery with read more content..!!!

uptil now i use hard code for my pages..!!!
this time i thought i should give a try on some framework..!!!!

So can anyone guide me which framework is good for such type of site
Which framework is easy for beginners.!!

waiting for positive reply..!!

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In the link you provided, there is no gallery, they are just some entries pulled form the db, and the link to their more page.
To achieve that you don't need any framework.


i think you didnt see the pics in a div with read more options.!! i know that entry come from database..!! but i wan to do such thing with the help of framework..!! can u tell me which framework is good for such type of work..!!! Joomla or Drupal..!! and which is easy to use among them..!



Can we make dynamic sites in it and does joomla supports juery.?


i have listen it is difficult to make shopping carts application is joomla


Joomla is a very good system to share pictures and videos. You can configure the Joomla Homepage like you want and there are unlimited free or low priced templates for uncountable applications.
The enormous amount of extensions makes the cms useful for lots of applications, like eCommerce or even a social network site.
Take a look at the extension database of Joomla: http://extensions.joomla.org
You will probably find there, what you are looking for.

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