Hi all..
I am Working on an Birthday Reminder Script but i have an Problem in This Script That I Want to Send a email to User That's Birthday is Today. and am Done it Automatically by Scheduled.
For Ex: Today is One User Birthday Then a Email Automatically Send to User regarding Birthday Wishes at The Specified Time.

Please Help me.
I am Poor in English Typing and Hope You all are Understand It.

Thank You.

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Could u Tell me The Script for IT.

Setting up a cron doesn't require coding. It can be done through a panel (usually). Read the links.

As for the query itself, I can't help you without knowing your database structure.


I Have a Database name: admin_regdata and it's all Field is:
Name, F_Name, DOB, Joining_Date, Login_ID, Password, Address

The above is Database Field.


Read this thread on how to connect to a database : http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread191031.html

Since you haven't told me how the date is stored (type and format) in your database, I'm going to assume the worst and write the code a VARCHAR field in this format DD/MM/YYYY

Your SQL would look something like this

$sql = "SELECT * 
FROM you_didn't_give_me_a_table_name
WHERE DOB LIKE '" . date('d/m') . '/%";

Sorry, I can't give you a better answer without your schema/structure.


Thanx for Your Many Help.
in my Database the DOB Field Data type is Date (YYYY-MM-DD) and table name is admin_regdata and also all other field is in varchar.

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