Hi, I am wodering how to store and retrieve czech, or other utf-8 related language, characters using IIS

5.0 and SQL server 2000;
I try to explain:
at the beginning I was using the 1252 default codepage (with no charset specified) and some character was

immediately changed when posting toward a new page and, consequently, into the database;
then I found I microsoft suggestion (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB;en-us;q232580)

that says to add the codepage session as 65001 (<% Session.Codepage=65001 %>) but with no success: now

the character not recognized are deleted.
Of course I have tryed to add and remove the utf-8 charset into the head with the same sad results.
Where is the mistake? anybody can give me suggestions?
Thank you in advance.

'Sets the Locale ID session property 
Session.LCID = 1029

this is for Czech

im not too sure this is what you want (i dont know what you want) but try it.

place it at the top of your page