i was wondering if anyone could help me. i'm new to php and i'm having problems setting up a session.

i have a login page (page1) where the user inputs their username and password and when they click the submit button they are brought to another page (page2) where they have two options. if they choose option to purchase a ticket they are brought to page3 where they choose the type of ticket. when they click submit on page3 it executes a php script that generates a ticket number and inserts it into the ticket table.

what i want to do is also insert the users AccID against the newly generated ticket number.

i want to get the AccID from the Users table when the person logs in at page1 and insert it when the person clicks submit oon page3.

i have tried some code but i am unsure where the session code goes and how to call variable stored in it.

can anyone help?

thanks in advanced,


I would suggest using <input type="hidden" name="AccID" value="$AccID"> in your forms so that the data is continuously passed from one form to the next.


thanks for that it worked.

would you have any idea how to do the same with a new user whose id is only generated when they register. i would like to use the same insert query though.

here is the qry that i have

$insert = "insert into tickettbl (AccID, ChrgID, TicketNo, TimeData, RecDate)
values ('$AccID', '$row->ChrgID', '$Random', '$OptionFrm', '$TodaysDate')";

it can be done if in the values section of query i change $AccID to LAST_INSERT_ID().

i need to somehow get the AccId from new record on store it in $AccID