hi there,
can anyone help me out

my problem is this:

I have a form, with radio buttons (the number of buttons is not fixed, it will keep increasing)

for eg, if there are 2 radio buttons and no button is checked then
if user checks a radio button, then i should display a message saying that
"You have selected the value"

but if already one radio button is selected and he is selecting the other button, I should display the confirmation message asking him "Whether he wish to change the value"
I am not able to display different alert messages for radio buttons checked or unchecked
(the code for changing etc are done in asp)

I am a novice to javascript..
Can u pls help me out on this

Thanks in advance

I suspect you'll need to set a flag indicating whether a user has already checked a radio button...

Then attach an event to each radio, so when the user selects it it checks the flag.... if its true, then alert: "You have selected the value"

else: prompt: "Whether he wish to change the value"

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