Hey Guys,
I am using Ajax with JSP.What I am trying to do is when the user enters a name and clicks on the button it goes to a jsp page.
On the jsp page it is checked whether the name is present in the database or not. If it is present then the table is shown with the name and the corresponding password.
Till this it is working fine but when the name is not found in the database i want to redirect to another page. I don't know how to do this.
Please give some code.

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You want to display a name and the corresponding password? :confused:

In a secure system, passwords are typically stored in an irreversably encrypted form and never displayed to anyone, not even a top level administrator.

If I understand correctly :
a) It sounds like you are inviting password theft.
b) You neither want nor need AJAX.



Start here.

You might also like to explore Apache Struts, which offers a different approach (and best of luck with it). It is probably OTT for your needs but worth knowing about.


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