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I need to integrate paypal gateway on my website. We sell memberships. There is a trial period for using some features of the website. After that users must purchase their memberships - it can be a mounth or 6 mounths or a year.

Now, I could dynamically generate the paypal button, but, I need to know how do I get the response and confirmation, then when users finish the paying, their memberships must be updated.
and, I could not find the appropriate tutorial
PLZ help .. I need a clear and step by step tutorial because I fed up from searching in that topic.

I count on u guys


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Paypal has a whole section of their website dedicated to this subject, along with their own support forums. You will probably get all the info you need there :)

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@ Will Gresham
their forums are read-only in the mean time because they are moving, and, I could not access their new website.

I have download this before, and, I will try to work on it again, but, I still need some guidance .. :S

There are many tutorials on the web even outside paypal. The IPN is very helpful and can be used for what you are requesting - I suggest setting up a subscription button for however long as paypal will notify a certain script when it runs out.

It works a bit like this:

Once the person has paid, paypal sends a bunch of information to your script, you must parse through this information and find out why paypal is accessing this script i.e. payment made, payment cancelled. Using passthrough variables you can find out what user made the request and your script can modify your site accordingly.

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