Hi i am developing a new website for mobile shop in php, I need to implement to send sms for the login users, please help me with code in php

Re: need php code to send sms to mobile 80 80

AFAIK there's a few ways to do this.

pay for a service for true SMS.

use emails where available like 9895551212@tmomail.net


or use curl to sms from each providers web site where available.

Re: need php code to send sms to mobile 80 80

Simple and easy for modification, PHP script for SMS sending through HTTP

Re: need php code to send sms to mobile 80 80

to send sms form your website you need to integrate SMS API into your website code With below Steps:

Integrating HTTP API: Download sendsms php class code

Use below code in your file to send sms

include 'sendsms.php';
$sendsms=new sendsms("http://alerts.springedge.com/api"
                      , "API key HERE", "sender ID HERE");
$sendsms->send_sms("99xxxxxxxx", "MESSAGE HERE"
                      , "", "xml");

for CMS like joomla, opencart, woo commerce, zencart, wordpress, SpringEdge's messaging Modules can be used.

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