i"m doing my final project same like Tina. I"m facing al ot of prob in doing my project.Let me describe my project first, i"m developing Online Course Registration System for my U. for the ADMIN interface i'm using VB (off-line)and for the user interface i'm using Dreamweaver Mx (on-line).Here I have some question and and really hope all of U can help me and give me some advise.I'm sorry b'coz i'm not so good in English.I'm also not really good in programming but really hope and try my best to complete this project.Plz..help me!!!
1. I"m using Dreamweaver MX,VB.ASP and SQL for the system as advise by my supervisor(my lecturer).Is it ok?

2.Did I have to install ASP do like I install SQL server?

3.For the database how to connect database SQL with VB and Dreamweaver
Same like Tina saw many SQL stuff but couldn't understand what is for and how to use it

4.After make table in access how am i going to import the data into a database in SQL server? any advise or reference?

5.How about forum? Iwant to put it on my system? anyadvise or reference?

Thanx a lot for giving me helping hand.i really there is someone can help me in solving my problem.Thanx a lot

firstly fourms are a little more intricate

1. good combination
2. asp is installed on any windows machine that has IIS, MS SQL server needs to be installed though
3. in dreamweaver, click on window - databases - "the plus sign" - custom connection string -

give the connection a name

SQLSERVER, SQLUSERNAME, SQLPASSWORD. to reflect your configuration

PWD=SQLPASSWORD this goes into the connection string

4. create a dsn to your SQL database and export the access table to ODBC, choose your SQL database, export it there

5. get to know the working of asp first or purchase a ready made forum (asp toast i thing is a free forum, im not sure)

thanx a lot 4 ur help.I really appreaciate it.