The title is pretty self-explanatory. I'm working on a PHP engine, and I'm trying to implement a SQL query generator. The hardest part of this will be designing the system for using the SELECT command.

Are there any practices that I should try to follow when designing this, or any engines already in existence that I could model my engine after?


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Don't know what you really want, but you could have a look at phpMyAdmin.

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$action . $fields . $table . $jointype . $jointable . $joinfields . $setclause . $whereclause . $orderclause . $limitclause

The above should work for simple queries:

$action options

(1) array of fields to display (with leading space)
(2-4) nothing

(1-4) name of table/s (with leading space)

(1) nothing OR join clause (with leading space), e.g. INNER/LEFT/RIGHT JOIN
(2-4) probably no need

(1) nothing OR 2nd table (with leading space)
(2-4) probably no need

(1) nothing OR tablefield1=tablefield2 (with leading space)
(2-4) probably no need

(1) nothing
(2-3) SET with field=value array (leading space)
(4) nothing

(1-4) nothing OR - WHERE field=value array including OR/AND/NOT/BETWEEN etc (leading space)

(1-4) nothing OR - ORDER BY fieldarray (leading space)

(1-4) nothing OR - LIMIT x or LIMIT x,y (leading space)

Obviously, more complicated/uncommon queries will require modification, e.g. GROUP/COUNT/SUM etc., but the above should work reasonably well.
You could create a dynamic ajax-like form to build the query in a step-wise way.

Hey, thanks ardav! I've already started building the engine myself, your post should really help.

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