i want to made a online test series program in jsp using beans, so plz help me , i want structure and database of program .

i know beans & jsp very well but i don't know how to start this program . so plz help me & give me some suggestion about how to start this program.

For start you may explain what sort of functionality is expected from this application

we give our exam on paper , same thing i want develop in jsp .student give online test and the moment they finished the test result show on the screen . i have lot of question , application choose question randomly and show on screen .

So what do you think. How can you approach this problem?

I think first i should made a jsp page and fetch the question using sql query , am i right ?
should i use any beans or its work without bean .
actually i am very confused, from where i start .

What about starting with registration screen where student have to provide correct username and password in order to take the exam?

yes i know that but main problem arise after that .student enter using their user name and password.what after that ?
In question pages should i use any beans or i do that using simple jsp pages?

You will use both of them. After verifying access details you will load your questions in prepared beans and provide JSP with a way to either display them all in one go, or iterate through them forward & backward. Do not forget to use sessions so that your application remember which questions been answered.

ok. how can i check question will answered correct or not and how can i display their result .

By designing appropriate bean that will store relevant data in the session and then when results are to display compare supplied answer/s with correct answer/s and display boolean result of this operation