hey guys i have a problem :S
I'm making a site and now im trying to fix the menu, its a rollover menu and it should drop down...it works perfectly now probs there. but the problem now is that i want the menu in a frame. But then the dropdown is lost, can't see the dropdownmenu anymore.

I read in a thread somewhere that you should be able to do this without frames but with <div>....and style sheets.
I don't quite get it can some plz help me on this 1 ?

(owjah the picture is the website and i outlined the frames so its easier to see what i mean)

Frames contain content. If the content doesn't fit inside the frame, then the content will be truncated. There isn't a way to "fix" that, since nothing is really broken. Frames are frames, and that's how they behave.

There is nothing magical about DIVs, they are simply organizational block elements. The idea is to break your page into sections, and code each section into a DIV. Your menu would go in one DIV, your left-hand panel into a second, and your main page content in a third. Use CSS to control the position and style of each DIV.

thx for tha fast reply :)
but i was messing with the page and tried to fit the content in a IFRAME somehow the dropdown menu still works over the iframe ( i kinda cut it out different) anyways it works now :)

thx dude

Hi, I'm new here. I have little bit similar problem as d0d0.

I'm totally newb with Javascript or dhtml.

Ok, I downloaded free dhtml drop down menu from dynamicdrive.com (this one exactly: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/topmen3/index.htm).
I'm making my website as framed one (two frames; top one with menu and lower one as target menu), so all those links I have in menu should be opening to that target menu. How i'm supposed to make this work?

I have tried to customize that custom.js-file and I succeed what comes to menus appereance, but when I'm trying to get those links open to a target frame (and I made it as this menus developer said) and it still doesn't work. Framenames are correct, linktargeting should be in right place in script [add main link item ("url","Link name",width,"text-alignment","_target","alt text",top position,left position,"key trigger","mCOLOR","rCOLOR","aLINK","aHOVER") and my code is; addMainItem("http://www.geocities.com/m_tikkala/","Aloitussivu",80,"center", "bottom","",0,0,"","#ffeeee","#ffeecc","#000066","#660066");].

Can someone help me with this? I have also used developers site to solve this out, but it doesn't help.

I'm using K-meleon browser, but it didn't work with IE neither. My website host is Geocities, but that shouldn't stop that working, right?

I can give more info, if u ask me.

Ps. sorry if my english grammar sucks, it is not my motherlanguage :/