I don't know if this is even possible.

My site is designed for use on mobile phones. My users have to enter in a lot of numbers, temperatures to be exact. So, the numbers could be positive or negative. And ranging from -40.0 to 150.0. Decimaled.

My users would also prefer not to have to enter them in, rather select them. The sheer size of the options, prohibits this.

I wondered if there is a tool or script that lets the user choose the sign, and each digit. All in one field.

I have a similar tool for reference. HTC Hero and iPhone and iPod touch have it in their alarm programs. They designed them as wheels.

This is possible of you split each digit into their owns fields, but it would be a visually confusing.

Any ideas?

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Yes. That is more of an HTML thing.
use a series of <select> tags with 0-9 drop downs . Another for polarity.
Pull it all together with PHP on submit .

Thank you. I understand what you r saying, but that will leave me with 4 fields for 1 entry. My users are going to enter up to 16 of these entries..

I may use this initially, but if there is a solution that allows me to comine these 4 fields, I would love to hear it.

you dont have a choice... your client wants to select it rather than entered them wich is much faster... you have to use series of html form select... it would be a lot easier if it would be inputed in a textfield like this



$number = $_GET['number'];
if(is_numeric($number)){ //validate numeric entry
$min = -40.0;
$max = 150.0;
if(!($number >= $min && $number <= $max)){//range
echo "invalid";
echo "must be numeric";



<form method='get'>
<input type='text' name='number' />
<input type='submit' name='btnsubmit' value='submit' />

I believe you're referring to the controls that look sort of like

.---.   .---.
     | + |   | + |
     '---'   '---'
.---..---.   .---.
| + || 2 |   | 1 |
'---''---' . '---'
     .---.   .---.
     | - |   | - |
     '---'   '---'

You could certainly make your own using Javascript or you could take a look around Google for Pastrykit which is a Javascript framework for iPhone web development to mimic its UI

I will give this a try in the next couple of days. Thanks for the help guys.

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