If you don’t know much more about php programming then read it this. It should be useful for you.

As you know In Today’s time PHP is a most used scripting language, it’s also used in standalone graphical applications. PHP was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995, and PHP is free software released under the PHP License, PHP is mostly used for general purpose scripting language that is most suited for Web Development. It runs on a web server, PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is generally HTML-embedded scripting languages which develop the home page for the websites, and the most important thing is PHP is installed on more than 20 million websites. If you have planned to get a website developed, there are few things we should be aware about PHP Programming are:

The first thing is scripting, if you have a website then you need to update the page using scripting it will help you to integrate new features into the existing pages.

The second thing is PHP Web development and building of architecture: for ideal PHP Developer it’s become important to know the art of developing an application. For building good website developer must have the idea of laying string foundation. And the main thing is coding they must be familiar with these art, to add basic functionality to the site. It’s become important for us to develop the website from a professional e-Commerce Development Solutions Company. Check this few benefits of hiring a company with expertise in PHP Programming/web development India are: they have the ability to use different open source this will help in saving your web application development time, PHP Solutions run on Apache Web Server, its compatible with Linux, Window, Unix etc. its support many popular databases and uses minimum resources. Many people have enjoy the services being offered by PHP web development Solutions offered by Indian companies.

If you think its not a full detail of php programming then please share me your knowledge.

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What's your point? Hire Indian programmers? Are you looking for a job?
I don't understand...must be a language barrier!

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Get a grip anna

It was like an advertisement :)

I want to know more about php programming.. can any one tell me about php programming..

Why not try to search with google?

Hey dude its look like an advertisement. Are you really trying to introduce new ones with PHP language?

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Why not try to search with google?

This new-fangled webernet thingy is beyond me. What's google? How do I get it?

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I want to know more about php programming.. can any one tell me about php programming..

That's what your rambling thread was supposed to be about?
Well, here ya go...
It wasn't very hard to find , either!

Many people uses PHP coz. it's free

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