Dear Friends,

I have created a Website in ASP .Net, in which i have use MySQL as database, its just a Contact information and telephone directory database of my friends...

Its working Perfect on my Computer, but now i want to put it on the WEB.

So please tell me some free hosting site for ASP .NET and MySQL.

and also tell me how to compile the project to upload to the webserver, and what files i should upload to the server.



1. Publish the website on to your HD first. Then upload the published files to the server.
Publishing the website is very easy. You just need to Build Menu and click on Publish website link. It will ask you where do you want to Publish (save the publish website pages). I advice you to save the published site in a different folder and click on Publish.

Now in the new folder, you will see the all you apges that are cpmplied to run on a server. Upload these files to the server.

For free server space google and you will find many server providing free server space.

I hope i could make you understand and solve your problem.

I want to Upload and attach my SQL database to server please help me.

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