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C+ code and vbulletin question
I hope this is the appropiate place if not I apologize now and move if need be.

I need help on this. I am workin on a site that is built on obtaining stats and screenshots from a video game, and is uploaded to the site by the site's users. What I want to do is install a clean copy of vbulletin 4.0, I have alot of experience with vbulletin, just not in this area. I know on 3.x you were able to create blank pages that flowed with the forum, and you implement your own HTML code in, and therefore your custom pages would flow seamlessly with the rest of the site and forums, etc.

What I have done is made a basic site with C+ coding of various stats tables that are generated automatically when the site user uploads their stats, and the stats are approved/confirmed from them uploading a screen shot and the admin/mod confirms and approves their submission is legit. The screenshot acts as their proof if you will. Now, the current pages are ending in ".aspx".

I basically need to know if it’s possible to integrate “.NET” code/pages into the vbulletin “create blank pages”, without having to convert our pages from C+ to php.+ Or will all freshly created pages have to be in php.+. I currently have a good deal of “code behind” that will be a bit of a pain to convert to php.+

If I am confusing something or have it mixed up, please let me know. IF you have a good solution, idea, or another way of making this work let me know please! I want to basically have my forums, then have addition pages which can allow certain usergroups (permissions) to have access to the stats pages. Paid members will be able to upload their own stats etc. So I am looking to make a main page with the site's introduction info etc, then have the stat pages and then the forums. But have the forum login work for all the pages etc, so it is seamless with vbulletin.

Answers, ideas, solutions are wanted. I want to install 4.0 and be able to do this. I may be looking for hired help with this as well, but want to see if possible first.

I attached a screenshot of a sample page of one of the stats page. This is a page that is automatically generated after the user or admin uploads the stats for the categories listed, then a screenshot can be uploaded which proves the stats are correct. The stats are then generated from the multiple tables we have created and are going to have.

I want to basically be able to make new pages, and be able to access them through my vbulletin site so it is all tied in. I know the 3.X you used to be able to make new pages with vbadvanced. I think you get the idea, I want those tables on my new vbulletin site. I am not sure a php script has to be written as I dont know how or what to do for that. If you can help please let me know.

I am not familar on how to write the scripts or what to write. Right now I am about to buy another license for the vb 4.0 so I can install the clean forum on my server. I then have the stats site on another server, I want to basically be able to take those tables from that site and drop right in on my vb site. I am pretty sure what I am trying to do can be done, I just do not know how to implement it into my site that I am going to put up.

Please help lol!

Thanks in advance,


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What you could do is stick an <iframe> in the vbulleting page pointing it to your .NET server. It would be using two different servers but that is the only way I know of going about this.

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