I have a problem with IE7 (Works fine in FireFox!).

I'm sending a Jquery AJAX POST request to get option values from a PHP script.

The php script returns a bunch of the following:

<option value='x'>xxx</option>

Ajax also sends a value to the PHP script, so if that value matches the option value, the option comes back pre-selected.

On success, the Ajax is to populate the SELECT BOX called 'one', with the data returned from the PHP script.

This works fine in FireFox, but in IE7 I get the following error:

Error: Unexpected call to method or property access.

Any ideas on what I could do?

The full ajax function is as follows:

function getbills(){
var transchk = "";

var tranrelation = $("select#catted_relatesto").val();

var tranrelation = escape(tranrelation);

var dataString = 'transchk=' + transchk + '&tranrelation=' + tranrelation; 
   type: "POST",  
   url: "bin/getbills.php",  
   data: dataString,  
   success: function(msg) {  //the msg container holds the xmlhttp response 
	/* Insert response HTML into the billpaymentbill and billrefundbill selects */