Hi i was wondering how do i make a TXT play music because i was searching for a song site and ended up at a Music Code site but the thing is that on the URL its like this


but it still plays a song in Windows Media Player
can someone please tell me how to create my own TXT playing files?
I also read that this was something like Tag or something.
but if you know please help.

Thank You.

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Didn't know that you can play txt files. What I think is that somebody clever opened music formar for example wma in notepad and saved that way. When I look at that site I found that person is yousing clasic BGSOUND tag

<BGSOUND balance=0 src="http://kassierae.myknet.org/frontlineda.wma" 
volume=0 loop=infinite autostart="true">

Where exactly did you found that link which took you to that txt file???
Also when I went for that site my browser crashed couple of times!!!!!

Yep. That site is mal-formed. The "txt" extension has been given to a sound file. Firefox simply prompts you to open the file or save it.

Well actually i just wanna learn how to make the TXT file just the same but make my own out of my own Files Formats MP3,WMA,OGG,whatever.
But i did notice inside the TXT file that it had this line in it

W i n d o w s M e d i a A u d i o V 2 6 k b p s , 2 2 k H z , m o n o

I have no clue what WMAV2 is and i have already tryed looking 4 any info.
Does that have anything to do with it?
Because i have found out the Renameing thing
While in Notepad or something type .txt and it will become a TXT file document.
But it still dont play in Windows Media Player

Can someone please tell me how to Make my Own TXT file Music?

I still think it is a mistake, that there is nothing like TXT which can be played on WinMedia Player. If I'm wrong please provide us with informations about this files or the way how does it works.

Another thing, I opened one of my mp3 in notepad and see what I got

ID3    vCOMM   #   eng This song from RX & Mixer ;-) TIT2    
  TitanicTCON      (2)PRIV   '  WM/MediaClassPrimaryID ¼}`Ñ#ãâK†¡H¤*
(DPRIV   )  WM/MediaClassSecondaryID                 PRIV     PeakValue
 Ë`  PRIV     AverageLevel »  TPE1      RX & Mixer

Basicaly beginnig of file holds info about document.

There is no such thing as a text music file. Period. There are text files. There a music files. To create music file, you'll need softeware that creates music files. To serve a music file over the web, you'll need to use the proper mime type for the music file format.

Dragon you see not such a thing, back to real get some tools like Sound Forge or similar and put a proper sound on your site. Sorry mate

How whould i know im asking how to do this not you ask me how to do this.
But look watch try it on your computer with Windows Media Player
Download this file on your Desktop


Then do the same thing as in these pictures.
and the TXT file will play in Windows Media Player

Oh and when you open this TXT in NotePad or something this is what i get

Sorry i dont know how to make that box thing.

0&²uŽf¦Ù ª bÎl ¡Ü«ŒG©Žä À Seh ü²ŒBûJ¾Êâű¸k£Î ¸ógÅ; À¨®’ 0W’ ) j j ø@ µ¿_.©Žã À Se. ÒÓ«º©Žæ À Se 3&²uŽf¦Ù ª bÎlJ C h e v y P r e t t y R i c k y ‘Ü··©Žæ À Ses @žiøM[¨ý €_\D+@¤ñIÎN£¬  ÉHö Žfa "V Ò S
€ Ÿ S S @Rц1£¤  ÉHö’ ARц1£¤  ÉHö W i n d o w s M e d i a A u d i o V 2 1 6 k b p s , 2 2 k H z , m o n o a6&²uŽf¦Ù ª bÎl Ì ü²ŒBûJ¾Êâű¸k;

Please, please, please, folks, listen to what I'm saying: it's just a sound file. Someone made the mistake of saving it with a ".txt" extension. Then they put it on a web-server.

If you want to do the same thing, then just create a sound file and give it the ".txt" extension. It's a silly thing to do, but it certainly isn't tough!

If your real question is "how do I create a sound file?" there are dozens of programs out there to do just that.

But in any case, none of this is related to JavaScript or DHTML, so please close this thread and perhaps post a question on a more relevant forum.

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