I'm new to Javascript and I have a frameset and I need to dynamically change the Sizes of each frame.

How to I do that??

This is my frameset definition::
<frameset rows="8%,87%,5%" >
<frame id="logo" name="banner" src="logo.aspx" noResize scrolling="no">
<FRAMESET cols="73%,27%">
<FRAME id="mainframe" name="mainframe" src="Default.aspx" scrolling="no">
<FRAMESET rows="8%,92%">
<FRAME id="downleftup" name="downleftup" src="querybuttons.aspx">
<FRAME id="downleft" name="downleft" src="layers.aspx">

if you notice the 2 nd Frameset...i have 73% and 27% ..I need to change these values based on various screen resolution...

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If u r using jsp page means v can easily changing the frame size at runtime.

int size=100;
<frameset border="0" rows="<%size%>,230">
        <frame src="JSP_1.jsp" name="FRAME_NAME_1">
            <frame src="JSP_2.jsp" name="FRAME_NAME_2">

If u change the value of "size" that frame size will b change.

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