PHP is good for what kind of situation...

my friends telling ASP is better than PHP...

so how it is helpful..

Search daniweb for: php vs asp


  • is Microsoft proprietary software
  • is expensive
  • runs only on MS servers 10-20%
  • prefers microsoft browsers
  • has a strict language


  • is open source
  • free
  • runs on apache unix linux windows MSservers (100%)
  • has hundreds of thousands of free premade scripts
  • works in MS browers Moz Browsers Apple browsers every browser
  • has a flexible language

"My friends like ASP" - The rest of the world uses php
ASP doesnt make the top20 programming languages

DaniWeb is php
If you want a forum for your site, its php
If you want a free script for anything, its php
If you want to pay a lot for tech support, its asp

php is so ubiquitous, that you get php scripting in free web hosts

welcome to Daniweb my Sister!
Definitely PHP beats ASP hands down :)
And it is for web application including but not limited to website!


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...ASP doesnt make the top20 programming languages...

Hi AB - Can't agree more with your comments. But, followed your link and couldn't find ASP in the top 50 languages. Is it that ASP is more of 'technology'/'collection of languages' ?, I noticed, can use and Would these be included in the c# and visual basic listings?

perl can use c, perl exists
php can use c, php exists

most languages can use extensions written in other languages
but you wouldnt say html is included in the perl language just coz my html form posts to a perl script

asp is below countable,
the Mac of programming, ( huge amount of advertising, corporate pusch, sales at 2% )

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