I made a very simple website using ASP.NET and SQL Server. I will post all the code up if it will help. On my local machine, the website works perfectly. I can preview it from Visual Studio fine, and I set up the IIS on my localhost, and it works fine there as well. For some reason when I published it to GoDaddy's Window's hosting the site always comes up with a blank white page. I talked to GoDaddy and they say it is an advanced hosting question, and they are trying to resolve it, but couldn't give me a time frame. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. (This is my first time trying to get a site online)

Thanks in advance.


i was have same problem in my site , the reason was becouse server dose not support asp.net ,

try up ur page on this we hostiog

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I have already paid for GoDaddy, and they do support asp.net.

i am not sure i said maybe

i was pay too :(

but they cheat me

i am not sure if GoDaddy dose not support asp.net

i said maybe