Note to mods: This is in the php section as the question is mainly directed to the php gurus.

I have been reading on some rather old news and discovered that the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA1) has been cracked. Does anybody know where I can download a copy of this cracking software and possibly its source as I myself have been trying to crack SHA1 with some good luck so far.

Now I know most of the viewers will say it is impossible to crack any hashing algorithm but when you read it's code SHA1 is not that secure. It still contains the original data in number form unlike some other algorithms. But I will let you express your opinions as I have some c++ proof on how to crack the first layer of SHA1 but want to see how that group cracked the whole thing. As for the question, where do I find that SHA1 cracker?

It's never impossible to crack hashing algorithms. Just unlikely due to the massive increase in time needed version encryption. As to where to find it take a look at the SHA1 wikipedia entry and read the papers cited.

Many of these exploits are still in their infancy and it's highly unlikely that any script-kiddie tools will be released any time soon. So good luck deciphering the math in the papers and implementing your own versions :P