I'm going to be using Java next year in AP Comp. Sci. and seince my summer assignment has me researching a little bit on it, I thuoght I might get a jump on it this summer. Does anyone know any sites that teach the basics? Like HTMLGOODIES.COM teaches HTML and so on, is there like a JAVAGOODIES.COM :D or something?

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My friend, there are too many sites each is different and it it really up to you to pick up sometthing. Everybody has it's own learning standart, prefered way how to learn, etc

For example I used google typed in "JAVA notes" and got list of sites where I be just brief look at them liked http://www.cafeaulait.org/course/

also you can get a book and read it. Decision is your's and plaese for next time post your thread in proper forum, because this is JavaScript and not Java. They are two different things.

Wish you best luck with your studies


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