Hello everyone,
I've been running into trouble when trying to open some links (i.e. the media preferences popup window in Gamespot, ringtone quicktime play for previewing ringtones). When I click on the link, there is no response from Internet Explorer, whatsoever. When I open the link in a new window, I get the usual "This Page Cannot Be Displayed" message, and the address looks something like "javascript:launch...(...)." When I try to access the link from my desktop, an Explorer window pops up for an instant, and then disapears. I've tried disabling and re-enabling my firewall, pop-up blocker, and javascript settings (through Internet Options), but nothing has worked. I've also been able to access these links on a friend's computer who is on my wireless network. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I run into the same problem sometimes when I open my hotmail inbox.

I run into the same problem sometimes when I open my hotmail inbox but when I change the isp .. it works fine again.

I actually tried the IEFix program before reading your reply. It allowed me to attempt to reinstall Internet Explorer, but I couldn't successfully do that... the version of IE I found on the internet kept changing some of the important registry files and actually wouldn't let me reboot or login to my comp, so I reverted back to the "best known settings" and still have the problem. Do you know any specific things I could do after using IEFix to safely reinstall or fix my Internet Explorer? Thanks for your help.

I also forgot to mention that when I attempt to download the link that won't respond with "save target as," I get an error that reads: "Internet Explorer cannot download... No such interface supported." I hope this message may help lead to a solution.

Ok, I am guessing you have all your window upadates done. I hope you have run checks for for virus and spyware. How about trying if you can to download and reinstall java? www.java.com. What version of ie are you useing and what version of windows. From the sounds of your post, are things getting worse for your computer all the time or same problems all the time? One last thought. If things keep getting worse, you are useing xp you may want to back up important files and reload xp. Hope some of this helps. I will keep trying for ya. One other thing. Your settings for ie 6 security are they set at default? Options, internet options, security, reset to default.

http://windowsxp.mvps.org/IEFIX.htm Try this handy little free tool. I check both boxes at the bottome so they dont run. Then hit apply. Seems to work pretty good.

thanks you,,i was having a big problem with this java issue,,i tried the fix you recommend,,and now i get this ie working again,,also one more think,i coudn't print from intenet i had an error message,this issue was resolved too..thanks a million

You are more than welcome. Have a nice day.

I completely removed the Microsoft Java machine from my comp, and reinstalled the newest java platform. The links that read "javascript:..." still won't launch. I also tried Mozilla and Netscape. Both browsers had the same problem. As far as the status of my computer goes, I try to keep it as clean and customized as possible (it's a vaio laptop), and it has always run fast and with no problems. I also have been using Lavasoft Ad-ware 6 for the past couple of months, but the javascript problem is recent. I'm using XP pro and have the Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed. I appreciate all the responses so far, and hope I can provide enough info for everyone who's trying to help me out. thanks.

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