Hi guys i need some project ideas for my major project... i want some innovative idea i had thought of doing image processing in PHP but it wil take tym to complete and i have to preapre for competetive exams too..
so pls tell me some good ideas for project which can be completed in short period of time..


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i recommend an e-store.

bro i had already made one project of e com...
suggest me somthing else pls


how about browser games... preferably turn-based RPG game.

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Careful, first comes "think for me", then comes "explain it to me", finally there will be "please help me do it". You've already past stage 2!

how about browser games... preferably turn-based RPG game.

bro will u please elaborate your idea...


Also known as a browser-based or text-based RPG. I'm developing one at the moment...

You create a combat game, in which a person fights AI opponents.
(You can make one with player vs. other people, but that's a whole other headache that actually takes other people)

The player has some attributes, for instance:
Health points- User and opponent might have 100(or any arbitrary number) at the start of the battle; if/when this reaches 0, they lose.
Offense- Character's ability to attack and damage opponent.
Defense- Character's resistance to opponent's attacks.

Create some different weapons with varying attack strengths, and various opponents(Animals or whatever else you can think up). Then you create a page that each turn:

A- Prompts the player for their move
B- Generates an AI move
C- Calculate the damage of the player and the monster
D- Subtracts damage from respective health points
E- Checks to see if either person or monster health has reached 0(i.e, they lost)

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