hi guys, im using linux opensuse as my web server, now i installed php there accdg to the manual, moreover, i also installed php to another computer having windows as its platform, now i compared the phpinfo() of the both pcs, ive noticed that there are some modules available on the php installed in windows than in linux. a good example is the GD library which is available in the windows pc and missing in the linux pc.

guys, what should i do? do i need to reinstall the php on linux? what php will i use? am pretty sure that the php i installed in windows isnt compatible to linux..

kindly help me with this...thanks. ^_^

btw, i badly needed the GD Library for my php in linux since i will be using graphs for my webpages, and that is the only solution ive thought of. ive tried doing graphs in the php in windows and it runs, however, when i copied the file in the php in linux, it does not.

please please please help me..thanks..

This is a hard question which I paid good money to solve. You need to download the library(s) source (eg the GD Source) then upload the source code to your server. After that you need to compile the source into the webserver via command line and when your finished that you then restart or start apache. That's the basic concept but I have no idea on how to compile the source.

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