function label_parameter(id,ind)
var clicked_row = id;

is it possible to pass the value of clicked_row to an object in html??
thanks thanks..^^

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this is a new one sir..did u replied? i did not saw your post..

ok put this javascrip code between your header <head></head>

<script language="javascript">
function attach_file( p_script_url ) {
	script = document.createElement( 'script' );
	script.src = p_script_url;
	document.getElementsByTagName( 'head' )[0].appendChild( script );

create a file that we are going to attach.
let say myidfile.php


put these codes inside the myidfile.php
//setcookie(session_name(), $_COOKIE[session_name()], time()+300, '/');
header( 'Content-Type: text/javascript' );
$ClickID = $_GET['myid']; //Name
echo "my php id".$ClickID;
//combination of php and javascript
alert("is it cool?"+<?=$ClickID;?>);


//how to use the javascript code attach_file(p_script_url);

function label_parameter(id,ind)
var clicked_row = id;
attach_file( 'myidfile.php?myid=' + clicked_row );

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