Hello all, first off, I am no PHP coder. I would like to display RSS feeds from other sites, to my index.php on my site. I found this script at http://www.feedforall.com/free-php-script.htm. It's a php script for this just that, but it displayes in the php file (rss2html.php) OR a .shtml page that you can create. It can be displayed in a .shtml page (using a server side include command in the table) by calling a template that is made in html (for format of layout) I would like to know "HOW" I can get it to post inside of my root index.php so I don't have to use .shtml

ANY help would be great, if you need more info please let me know

I have not looked at that script, but you are saying that you can run rss2html.php and get the output that you want, but you want that output inside your own index page instead? You mention that your home page is already named index.php, so it's already a PHP script or at least ready to add script. Just try adding the entire rss2html script in your index.php page where you want the output. This is kind of a messy way to handle it, but will either work or help you start to see how to put it together.

So something like this:

This is my index.php page. It's full of lots of great content.
Here is where I want the rss feed to show.


 #INSERT rss2html.php code here


This is the rest of my index.php page.

Let us know how it goes. :)