This is one of those dumb newbie questions, I'm afraid. I'm trying to learn Servlets/JSP by making a small application that allows you to register yourself as a user. I'm using the latest tomcat version for this, and I'm using a linux environment.

For some reason, when I try to access any JSP page, I just get an empty page with the source code "<html><body></body></html>". No error message, nothing. If I rename the page to .htm (the first page is just a form anyway), it shows up. I tried deploying other jsp applications in the servlet container, and that worked. I even tried copying it from the example webapp to my webapp, but even then it didn't work.

I've heard that jsp pages can be precompiled, but AFAIK they don't have to be - they should get compiled the first time they are requested anyway, right?

I've been all over the net for this, and I'm really stuck, so I hope someone will be able to help me. Any suggestions would be most appriciated.

Try waiting a few seconds. They take a few seconds to compile, but only the first time or after you change it.

Thanks for your reply. I already found out what was wrong, though - I had jasper-runtime.jar in my lib-catalogue, and that caused, for some reason, the jsp pages to show up blank. Weird, but at least I found out.