My name is Ian, and I’m trying to make a put together an eCommerce website. The site is for selling boxes. We have an inventory of specific boxes of specific dimensions, specific styles, board grades, and so on. I’m using Dreamweaver and to try to make my life easier I bought an extension: CartWeaver. We want a certain template to display the boxes such as a table to orderly display all of these specs per box: style, length, width, depth, board, grade, print, used. I thought the best way to do this would be to add a field for each of those variables to the product database, and then add the input areas to the ‘add/update product’ form. The problem here is that I don’t really know much about PHP and digging through the CW code has proven itself to be a very sticky situation. I’ve never made a website, let alone a dynamic eCommerce site and after about 1 month of work I’m getting very desperate just to make this thing work.
I have done a bit or work on the site. I have a layout, I’ve added the variables to the database, and made a working form for adding products. (for some reason updating existing products isn’t working.)
So what I am looking for is a PHP guru who is willing to connect with me via email, phone, IM to work with me on this site, show me how it works and such. I’m looking for someone who really knows their stuff so we can just get this job done, if you’re professional I can hire you.