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No. Try making it yourself, or just download a pre-made forum eg: SMF, phpBB. etc etc.
We aren't a generator :)


You're site is pretty good! But no one can post a complete forum code for your site unless they had access to you original coding for your site, and unless you're willing to give somebody access to that, then you are on your own. You will just have to write a code for yourself or lookup an incomplete forum code on google and then you can edit it to suit your site. Thats the best I can do without administrator access to your site.

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i have a website which need a forum PHP code.. i am interested to start a forum on my website.. someone please post me a complete php code for that.

I don't think you're going to get anyone to "post me a complete php code for that" but you can look at available forum packages like phpBB or phorum. I'm sure there are others, and some may better fit your needs than others. Best thing to do...open a search engine and start looking through the available offerings.

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