Hi guys and gals

I am new to the forums and was referred here by some friends.

I am creating a site for a Xerox partner, and I am trying to pull content (a certain div) through, from the Xerox site, to mine, without pulling through the entire site. I know which div it is on their site that I want, but not quite sure how to go about this.

Please help :)

P.S. This is what I have for the moment for one of my pages, but it is really not what I want it to be :)

<iframe style="border:none;" src ="http://www.support.xerox.com/go/prodselect.asp?Xlang=en_ZA&metrics=HDR" width="655px" height="660px;">

Is this possible? I was wondering if there is a way to manipulate the code that I found elsewhere on the forums:

<a href="" onclick='document.getElementByID("iframeID").src="href";'>demo</a
<iframe frameborder='0' src='blank.html' id='iframeID'>iframe</iframe>

If it isn't possible, thats cool, just want to know :) Thank you to anyone who has looked and tried already :)

With regards to what is posted above, does anyone know anything about: XMLHttpRequest's? I think I might be able to mess around with the XML that I get from the site if I can load it into my code, but it doesnt let me access it across domains/servers. Anyone know a way to get around that?

Got a workaround, thanks to anyone who tried :) Xerox does offer versions of their site for the exact purpose of what I was trying to do, for their partners. My client just forgot to inform us :P