in a cell in mysql

i have tree, car, bus, dog, apple, ocean, tire.

now i'd like to query only the words beginning with the letter T. So it should echo tree and tire.

this hasn't been successful;


mysql_connect("localhost", "Master", "pword");

$letter = "t";

$user =mysql_query("SELECT * FROM Stacks WHERE keywords REGEXP '^$letter' ORDER BY keywords ")or die (mysql_error());

while($rowz = mysql_fetch_array($user)){
 $keyword = $rowz['keywords'];

echo $keyword;


it just displays "tree, car, bus, dog, apple, ocean, tire". when i want just the words beginning with t.

Your regular expression should be '^$letter.*' i think. It starts with a t and contains any number of any characters. Your current one will only match t

The best way is to use a keywords table. Then have another table to match a keyword to the proper stack (I am guessing since I don't know your setup). It would take more work but it would be easier to manage.